We are a small company specializing in Microsoft cloud solutions. Based in Trondheim, Norway since 2021, we are available for projects on-site in Trondheim or remotely. We are also a Microsoft partner and have been working with Microsoft Azure since 2018. Our experience includes consulting for small and large clients in both public and private sectors.

Our services


Need a cloud platform implemented, preferably last year? You are not alone.

We have experience in both setting up cloud environments from scratch, and can help you get started with your cloud journey. If you are an existing Azure client, we can help you optimize your existing cloud environment according to your business needs. Our clients are all managed by standardized infrastructure as code. This means that we can quickly and efficiently set up new environments. The code will be your IP, and you will have full control over your platform’s high-quality, secure and scalable IaC code.

Among the things we can provide for your platform are:

Cloud services Consulting

We can provide you with high quality guidance and quick implementation in the following areas:


Workshops, talks or presentations on various topics of your choice

Cloud service provider

If you do not wish to have operational responsibility of your cloud platform, we can provide you with managed services for your cloud environment. We can take care of your cloud environment, so you can focus on your core business.

This can also be extended to licensing and cost optimalization agreement for your cloud environment.